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As a business improvement specialist for over a decade now, I have racked up a range of project and programme wins, delivered more efficient and effective processes, and have improved the operational and organizational excellence of many organisations.

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Career history


Below are a series of videos detailing the organizations I have worked with, the projects I have delivered for them and the impact of those projects.

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

September 2022 – Present

  • Led on the service optimisation GBS programme, spearheaded by the delivery of ServiceNow. This was conducted in RII, IT, Secretaries, Creative Services, Recruitment etc.
  • In the GBS programme I mapped out all as-is and to-be processes, facilitated all workshops, conducted waste & improvement reviews of processes and delivered the recommendations.
  • I also conducted voice of the customer surveying and interviewing, used the data to further standardise processes and build ServiceNow into the operations successfully.
  • Ran a service optimisation piece for the Pitches & Pursuits MBD Team. This saw me process mapping the as-is processes, recommending improvements and identifying areas of risk.
  • It also saw me running root cause analysis workshops, mapping out the to-be state processes and reforming the current state by reducing waste and standardising across locations.
  • Separately from GBS, I ran a Litigation project to identify a new system to bring together 4 teams, address critical data concerns and reduce waste and manual work in processes.
  • This project successfully deployed a new software offering into the Docketing, Pleadings & Records Team, reduce 5 FTE worth of manual work & saw data accuracy rise from 20 to 80%.
  • I ran the CLE (Continuing Learning Education) review project. This involved mapping all as-is processes (by state), conducting voice of the customer work and facilitating workshops.
  • From this, an 8 wastes analysis was conducted, 50 improvement recommendations submitted and supported through to delivery – increasing the value-adding work completed.
  • Supported the Innovation Team on delivering the AI Tool Orbital Witness by gathering business requirements, conducting voice of the customer and redesigning the as-is process.

September 2021 – September 2022

  • Led on the service optimisation programme called Enterprise. This was an internal programme focused on saving £20million over 5 years from the service charge budget.
  • Launched a series of business improvement initiatives around continuous and process improvement, lean six sigma and operational excellence – all to drive quality & savings.
  • Conducted a process review of the Insurance Claims Process, mapping out the as-is, conducting an analysis and identifying a £300,000 saving by not writing off certain claims.
  • Built out the new Section 20 Residential Process which had previously not existed. This led to £750,000 of savings by capturing missing rent, poor invoices and incorrect information.
  • Completely redesigned the Service Charge process by mapping out the as-is, conducting a full analysis, submitting my recommendations for approval and then delivering these in full.
  • This saw changes to billings, communication with Centre Managers, changing of deadlines, a shifting forward of the payment timelines and better technology to pay, track and report.
  • Facilitated the workshops and led on the initiative to design and build out the new Service Operating Model, marking a huge shift in Landsec’s fundamental model of doing business.
  • Rolled out a Quality Training Programme by training 20 staff members of our 3rd party facilities teams who went on to deliver dozens of Lean Six Sigma projects, of which I oversaw.
Marsh & McLennan Companies

March 2018 – September 2021

  • Ran a series of process, service and operational optimisation processes as part of a wider, global quality programme of work, focused on Business Support Service functions.
  • Delivered a series of RPA /automation projects to automate large scale global processes such as the Global Compare Process, Payroll Data Checking Process and Error Resolution Process.
  • These projects saw me building out the PDD, supporting developers with the SDD, mapping as-is and to-be processes, overseeing the implementations & savings 1000s of hours.
  • Ran the improvement of the UK Payroll Team project which saw payroll accuracy rise from 97% to 99.8%, colleague complaints plummet and errors and defects almost eradicated.
  • As part of this project I offshored 5 FTE worth of work to a brand new team in India, visiting them myself to train, support and embed best practice alongside other quick win initiatives.
  • Transferred our HRSS contact centre from London to Warsaw, assisted on the creation of the Workday 24/5 helpdesk in Manila and managed the closing of the Dublin HRSS operation.
  • Ran the overtime reduction project which saw the US Payroll Team’s overspend of $160,000 annually reduced to below budget, running the project through my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.
  • This project involved me visiting the Kentucky office for 2 weeks, embedding myself in the team, mapping several as-is and to-be processes, running Kaizen events & many workshops.
  • Rolled out ServiceNow for our global Payroll & Contact Centre Teams, mapped all as-is and to-be processes, owned the relationship with the consultants and banked process savings.
  • Rolled out a Quality Training Programme by training 8 Payroll & HR team members who went on to deliver dozens of Lean Six Sigma projects, many of which I mentored and oversaw.

July 2014 – March 2018

  • Supported on the delivery of a programme of continuous improvement work across the OneAlliance Partnership between Skanska and Anglian Water, both internally and externally.
  • Lead of the WNI governance project to unblock projects which had been stuck in governance loops for years. This saw the number of projects stuck reduce from 27 to 9 over the period.
  • This was achieved by tracking what was happening in each project, supporting the regional managers with their issues, identifying bottlenecks and rework loops and removing them.
  • Assisted the WI Team with their workflow process which was causing their projects to delay, get stuck in separate governance loops and a raft of comms & document issues.
  • The as-is workflow process was mapped, analysed and the to-be drafted after ideas for waste removal were presented – with the changes removing almost all bottlenecks & issues.
  • Visited several water infrastructure project sites to work with the on-site teams to identify their pain points, issues and concerns, and what was causing time delays for their projects.
  • Ideas were presented and a series of on-site initiatives were launched, seeing time freed up for the on-site teams, including digitalisation of documentation, timesheets, governance etc.
  • Delivered extensive new reporting on the reliability of sites, waste and rework, the progress of projects through governance structures and issue, error and fault reporting – all new.

July 2012 – July 2014

  • Drove forward a change agenda launched by the Centre Leads, aimed at improving operational excellence, finding financial and efficiency savings and delivering projects.
  • Tackled the poor customer satisfaction rating of the centre, moving the score from the original 30% to 80% over 1 a year period, and improved responsiveness to over 90%.
  • This was done by improving the survey, improving the messaging around it, using the data to make actual changes in between each 6 month survey and targeting specific quality issues.
  • Owned the transfer of work from the Client Support Centre in Peterborough to Kochi in India, seeing over 10 FTE worth of work move – owning the project plan, meetings and work.
  • In parallel to this, I supported on the reduction of the Peterborough Centre size from 60 FTE to 50 FTE, reforming processes, creating SOPs, training the new staff in India, all successfully.
  • Led on the project to move the Zellis Benefits Helpdesk from Cluj in Romania to the UK. Involved visiting Cluj, receiving the training, readying the UK team and reforming processes.
  • Tackled the large case backlog problem seen by our client facing referencing team. This involved mapping as-is processes, redesigning the case workflow and changing the org.
  • Assisted in the roll out of new internal systems for contract management, time management, HR and disaster recovery, and set up the dashboards and intelligence reporting from them.

May – June 2024

  • Facilitated 60 process mapping workshops to map out over 100 processes in Client Services, Finance, IT and Business Development over 6 Jurisdictions (UK, LUX, NED, IRE, HUNG, SWIZ).
  • Gathered over 250 pain points, opportunities and areas for improvement, as well as documenting all systems used, purchased but not used and those in need of an upgrade.
  • From this, I pulled together a detailed recommendations report, presented it to the CTO and the Board, including a plan of action for how to approach any required changes.
Gi Group

April – September 2021

  • Assisted the CTO in the building out of the business improvement function for the business, a brand new function aimed at instil operational excellence and improve into operations.
  • Established a business improvement working group involving senior and regional managers from the business. This ran twice a month to bring ideas to the fore, discuss and deliver.
  • Established a business improvement portal for the business to be able to submit their improvement ideas and received over 100 in 6 months, of which I ordered by priority.
  • Launched 20 business improvement projects of various sizes, supporting the various teams regionally and head office with their deliver, training them and mentoring their work.
  • Projects included the digitalisation of candidate induction process, digitalisation and automation of new candidate registration process, reduction of process waste etc.
  • The work also saw me building out key project documentation such as project, stakeholder and communication plans, programme trackers, project charters – and running initiatives.



Hudson & Hayes

July 2023

Target Operating Model

Explored designing principles, tools, cultural change, and digital model construction.

Marsh & McLennan Master Black Belt

April 2019

Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt)

I was trained by an internal Master Black Belt through the MMC Lean Transformation Program. My project focused on reducing overtime spend by the North America Team from $160,000 annually to under $80,000 (the budget was $80,000). Following my project, overtime spending decreased by 90%, resulting in a saving of $144,000 and a 75% reduction in next year’s budget.

Trained by the British Standards Institute (BSI)

April – May 2017

Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt)

I’ve studied the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) methodology, various process and root cause analysis tools, and effective approaches to understanding the voice of the customer.

Skanska Master Black Belt

October 2016

Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt)

I dedicated 3 days to mastering Lean and Six Sigma tools, equipping myself to deliver business improvement solutions, facilitate workshops, and achieve targeted metrics.

London School of Economics and Political Science

September 2009 – June 2012

Sociology BSc

I covered modules in Human Resource ManagementStatisticsResearch MethodsWorkManagement and GlobalizationSociological Theory, and Contemporary Society.


What I Do

Process Improvement

Deep dive into processes to identify and reduce waste, increase value and design and deliver reformed or new processes.

Process Mapping

Using a range of tools such as Visio, LucidChart, BPMN or Nimbus, map end to end processes to level 3 or level 4 detail.

Continuous Improvement

Delivery of the mindset, the projects and the methodologies (such as PDCA) into teams, projects and wider programmes.

Business Improvement

Improve to transform business operations through the delivery of projects, new systems and better ways of working.

Business Analysis

Gathering business, process and team requirements and converting these requirements into clear, actionable insights.

Root Cause Analysis

Identifying and resolving defects, establishing good control measures and mistake proofing processes for the long term.

Lean Six Sigma

Designing and running of end-to-end DMAIC projects, saving time and money, reducing errors and waste and improving outcomes.

Project delivery

Defining and delivering end-to-end projects, including managing the people, documentation and timeframes through to completion.


What my clients say

Susan Whitla BCLP

Robert was brought in to support us on the Service Optimisation Programme of work. Within weeks of joining Robert had already exceeded my expectations. He built out a new methodology and approach to the programme, he had scheduled all project kick offs, workshops and team meets way ahead of schedule. He also began to sell the vision of the programme to others within the business quickly, helping us to get tougher to move departments on board. Robert was confident, accommodating and dedicated from day 1, and his work within BCLP has left an impact that will be felt across our operations for years to come.

Tim Hollands Landsec

Not daunted by the significant challenge we faced, made worse by rampant inflation and a range of cost pressures, Robert supported us on delivering the Lean Programme across Landsec operations extremely well. Bringing his expertise in Lean and his natural way with people through to this role, Robert engaged countless team members on this Lean journey. The training, the workshops, the improvements made, the delivery of projects – all were done above and beyond what Landsec had anticipated. Robert is an asset to any team and will bring huge value far beyond your expectations. If you want someone who rolls up their sleeves, gets on and delivers, Robert is your guy.

James Breathnach Centralis

Robert got on with the job of process mapping Centralis operations literally from day 1. From scheduling over 100 workshops, mapping over 200 processes and collecting 250 pain points, within just 2 short months, he managed to complete all of the work set out as part of this piece. He also added additional value by conducting extensive analysis of the processes, gathering more information than had been requested and leaving us with a detailed recommendations pack of how to improve and proceed going forward. Centralis will definitely be calling upon Robert in the future as our operational excellence programme continues.

Ben Cuthbert Be you personal training studio

After partnering up with Robert through a series of workshops and review sessions, we came out with a clear set of improvement recommendations to deploy to help us move our business forward. We have now established a lasting partnership with Robert because of the professionalism shown, the sheer extent of his knowledge on Business Improvement related topics and how accommodating he was. Would highly recommend!

Jade The Saddle Bank

We worked with Robert to help us deliver a series of projects around error & defect reduction, process reform & improvement and training our team members on Lean Six Sigma. We could not speak more highly of the service we received from Robert. From planning to execution, the projects were run so diligently, we were always communicated with effectively in terms of progress/blockers and it felt like a genuine partnership. Since working with Robert, the key metrics we set out as part of those projects have all been achieved and exceeded, with brilliant controls in place, helping our business avoid repeating any past mistakes. When the time is right, we will be working with you again. Thank you

Sammie Dauer Marsh & McLennan

We worked with Robert to help us deliver a series of projects around error & defect reduction, process reform & improvement and training our team members on Lean Six Sigma. We could not speak more highly of the service we received from Robert. From planning to execution, the projects were run so diligently, we were always communicated with effectively in terms of progress/blockers and it felt like a genuine partnership. Since working with Robert, the key metrics we set out as part of those projects have all been achieved and exceeded, with brilliant controls in place, helping our business avoid repeating any past mistakes. When the time is right, we will be working with you again. Thank you

Nyree Stanley Skanska

As a Continuous Improvement Lead within the @oneAlliance, Robert delivered many projects and initiatives. He gained a reputation from within his direct team and those whom he supported as being someone who is focused, diligent and gets the job done. I got to know Robert very well whilst he worked with us at Skanska, and through that time saw someone who is motivated by hard work, successful outcomes and complex projects and challenges. He was an asset to Skanska, to the @OneAlliance and will be to all companies he works with.

Amanda Fretwell Zellis

Zellis was Robert’s first foray into the Business Improvement space, where he worked with us as a Change Analyst. I believe this set him up well for a successful career in this space, given that he took to this line of work like a duck to water. Robert delivered a range of really successful projects, including reforming our new business onboarding process, the roll out of our incident management software and the reduction of backlogs of work within our reference team. All projects that significantly moved the dial for our operations, and for that we are grateful for Robert’s stewardship.

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